September 2017

Beat 'n Track Recording is currently offering a 25% discount off the regular rate of $80 per hour, for a limited time. Yes, $60 per hour for all in-studio services. If you have a recording, mixing or mastering project, contact Dave at right away to take advantage of this deal.

Latest studio news

Pics of the remodel process 

Stripping off 22 years of Auralex studio foam, fixing the drywall, fixing the underfloor, replacing the windows, the lighting, the grounding scheme and moving the air conditioner - these were all steps in the remodeling process begun in October 2016. 

Client Spotlight feature 

I'm proud to be featured in next month's Client Spotlight feature with GIK Acoustics 

They loved the remodel and my reports of how good the rooms sound now. Their acoustician Nick Christian was the man who designed the appropriate room treatments for a space of this size and purpose. Thanks, Nick!